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Reversible Cashmere Water Shawl (Fuchsia)

$ 250.00

Backorder ships in 2-3 weeks.


Product Description

Known to be a great Spring/Summer shawl, this thin yet warm Himalayan Cashmere shawl has a subtle lustre to it giving a fancy look and silky smooth feel.  Named for its two different side – or two tones – which play together when draped over the body. One side has the richness of color, while the other side incorporates black with the color giving it a beautiful play of color tones.

Consider wearing this shawl as a statement piece over a black or white dress.  Can easily match it up with your favorite outfit.

80% Himalayan Cashmere

20% Silk

Size: 28″ x 80″

Artisan crafted in Nepal

Backorder ships in 2-3 weeks.


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Specially designed for sophisticated fashion & art lovers, our pieces are handwoven from the highest quality Himalayan Cashmere, Silk and/or wool.

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